AHEC Clean Logistics System

AHEC has plans to create, manufacture and operate an innovate global autonomous clean logistics system that uses lighter and stronger materials and is powered by both solar and wind with a dual rechargeable battery system. AHEC Logistic Systems will include the following technology: 1. Drone Cargo Ships; 2. Drone Trains; 3. AHEC Drone Trucks; 4. AHEC Craine Ships; 5. AHEC Cargo Containers; and 6. Rooftop Delivery and Shipping Equipment. The USA Department of Transportation has an opportunity to invest in AHEC. African Countries, EU and China will also have a chance to invest, if America is unable to get over it’s racist policies and behavior toward AHEC.

1. Drone Cargo Ships:

Quadcopter Battery Rechargeable Ships capable of transporting cargo internationally over oceans.

2. Drone Trains:

Quadcopter Trains with Quadcopter Trailers that are connected together like a conventional train in a horizontal line to deliver AHEC Cargo Containers to warehouses.

3. AHEC Drone Trucks:

Quadcopter Trucks that will simultaneously transport up to 5 AHEC Cargo Containers / Trailers to and from Drone Cargo Ships, sea ports, manufacturing plants and retail facilities.

4. AHEC Craine Ships:

Large Ships operating in open waters that can allow up to six conventional cargo container ships to dock, unload and sort containers for transport by AHEC Drone Trucks.

5. AHEC Cargo Containers:

Redesigned and Graphene coated and recyclable Shipping Containers used for shipping goods and supplies nationally and internationally.

6. Rooftop Delivery and Shipping Equipment:

Equipment manufactured and installed in the shipping and receiving roofs that allow Drone Trucks to automate the loading and unloading of goods and supplies from manufacturing plants and retail stores.

AHEC’s estimated seed cost is $300 Billion Dollars. Investment from many of the world’s largest corporations, investors and governments will help cover a majority of the costs. Operating Revenues from providing global logistic shipping and supply chain services is estimated to provide $50 Billion Dollars in annual revenues.

It is not good enough to simply make improvements to the current logistic systems in the US and Globally. Charles E. Campbell, AHEC’s Founder & CEO has radically reimagined a global logistic system for the 21st Century. With adequate seed investments, AHEC is ready to execute his vision.