AHEC Process

Generation and Transmission

Our process will recycle the same water to generate hydroelectricity with no harmful environmental emissions.   To compensate for the Laws Of Thermodynamics that require another source of energy to operate the 10 Industrial Water and Vacuum Pumps, our generating process will utilizes Butterfly Wing Designed Solar Panels on the building’s roof and building windows connected to a series of Lithium Iron Phosphate Batteries. In a closed-loop system, two reservoirs will be positioned at the top of the building side by side.  The Main Reservoir will be larger than the second Smaller Reservoir. The water will flow from the Main Reservoir into the Second Smaller Reservoir and then down to the turbine generators. The difference in the Water Height between the main and second reservoir will create a Positive Flow Charge in the Closed Looped System that will help the water return back to the main Reservoir with the aid of the Industrial Water and Vacuum Pumps.  This system will ensure that the Potential Difference between the two reservoirs never reaches zero, in order to maintain a continuous controlled flow. Through temperature control, the water density will be increased to generate electricity and decreased when the water is returned to the Main Reservoir.   Our biggest advantage is the desire for clean, renewable energy on the part of consumers.  Additionally we will be using proven technology that does not generate pollution.  Transmission of hydroelectricity will be done through local power grids.  Illustrations of equipment layout and process flow diagrams are below.  All the equipment in a large hydroelectric dam will be included in a single building in large metropolitan areas.

Large Hydroelectric Dam Technology inside AHEC 70-Story Building