Clean Hydro Energy


AHEC Generating Process Animated


It will use the same hydroelectric generating equipment used in China’s Three Gorge Dam.  When validated, AHEC’s generating process will store water in two large reservoirs then converts that stored energy into electricity by using the gravity and force of water flowing through hydraulic turbines connected to generators. The water is returned to the reservoir for reuse.  

AHEC’s generating process plans to use existing proven hydroelectric generating technology, combined with a solar power rechargeable battery storage system to generate hydroelectricity. To compensate for the Laws Of Thermodynamics, organic solar carbon cells will be including on building windows design that connects to a series of rechargeable Lithium Iron Phosphate Batteries.  The batteries would operate 10 Industrial Water Pumps at the bottom of the process and 10 Industrial Vacuum Pumps at the top of the process.  Our process uses a closed-loop system that includes two large water reservoirs at the top of the process. The Main Reservoir will be larger than the second Smaller Reservoir, but of equal heights. The water will flow from the Main Reservoir into the Second Smaller Reservoir and then down to the Penstocks to the 40 Francis Turbine Generators. The difference in the water’s height between the main and second reservoir will be used to create a Positive Flow Charge in the Closed Looped System that will help the water return back to the Main Reservoir  through the Return Penstock with the aid of Industrial Water Pumps.  

Our process was designed to ensure that the Potential Difference between the two reservoirs never reaches zero, in order to maintain a continuous controlled return water flow.