In response to President Biden’s Executive Order to Mitigate the Negative Impact of Climate Change, AHEC submitted several Climate Mitigation ideas. He promised to include $1 Billion Dollars in funding for underserved Communities, the following ideas to The White House on 5/26/21. As of 3/18/21, there has been no response from the Biden Administration, even as western wildfires burn out of control.


President Biden signed an Executive Order to Mitigate the Negative Impact of Climate Change. Here are the five ideas AHEC, my Clean Energy Startup is pitching to the Biden The White House in order to access funding.

1. AHEC Hydro Power Plant: US Patent Number 8,400,007 B2 entitled “Hydroelectric Power System” a design for a 70 Story Hydro Power Plant capable of offering a cleaner, cheaper and safer alternative capable of replacing fossil fuel burning power plants.

2. Cool Water: A design to mitigate the destructive power of hurricanes by lowering the ocean temperature in the path of hurricanes. This technology can also be implemented for the Great Barrier Coral Reef off the Coast of Australia.

3. Rain Maker: A design for Ten Autonomous Quadcopter Drones capable of mitigating Wildfires by suppressing and extinguishing them with a control release of a water and cornstarch solution.

4. Da Boom: A design to mitigate tornadoes in the US South and Midwest Regions using military missiles to sever the tornado funnel connection to the ground based on the EF Category of the Tornado. A National Tornado Defense System

5. Flood Proof: A design to mitigate property losses during flooding events to include personal vehicles flotation devices, flood proof bags for furniture, and business equipment and flood water embedded fencing to direct flood water safely through communities to prevent flood water damage.

So far this year, The Biden Administration White House have ignored my Cyber Security Proposal, denied my DOE Unsolicited AHEC’s Clean Energy Proposal, and ignored my Anti-Military Sexual Assault Proposals.

Past Administrations have a racist history of using racist policies and programs to exclude Black African American Entrepreneurs with innovative solutions from accessing federal funding. I am willing to continue to test Pres. Biden Administration to see if his Executive Order matches his Department’s efforts.

If Pres. Biden is serious about Mitigating the Negative Impacts of Climate Change, here is his opportunity to “Put Up or Shut Up”. The Black African American Community will be watching.

Charles E. Campbell, MSW, Tech Founder & CEO
Allen Hydro Energy Corporation (AHEC)
7108 Bennell Drive
Reynoldsburg, Ohio USA 43068

9/6/21 New Hurricane Power Outage Mititgation Technology:

6. Hurricane Ida caused widespread power outages. AHEC has a Hurricane Power Mitigation Technology that will reduce power outages cause by Category 5 Hurricanes Winds. Maybe President Biden and VP Harris will allow their agencies to provide funding to Black African American Innovators.