Hurricane Mitigation

Hurricane Can Be Mitigated!

AHEC Hurricane / Typhoon Mitigation Technologies

  1. Cool Water – A System design to reduce the temperature of the Atlantic and Pacific Ocean and Gulf Coast Waters, when deployed the path of approaching hurricane or typhoon.
  2. Inflatable Surge Barrier – A Graphene Based Inflatable Barrier design to channel the Ocean Surge created by an approaching hurricane or typhoon down a specific streets away from property.
  3. Flood Proof Bags – Large Graphene Containers that allow residential and business owners to protect their appliances, equipment, furniture, goods and personal items from flood water damage during a forecasted flooding disaster.
  4. Emergency and Personal Vehicle Floatation Devices – Protects Police, Fire, Medical and personal vehicles from flooding during a flash flood disaster.
  5. Utility Pole Hinge – A Device that allow Utility poles to bend 90 degrees during a hurricane or typhoon and can be repositioned remotely after the weather event to restore power.
  6. Emergency Disaster Wristbands – Personal Electronic Device worn on the wrist that can be activated and will allow Cities and County Emergency Management and First Responders to monitor and locate citizens during and after a natural disaster.
  7. Structural Flood Barrier Tube – A Graphene Inflatable Tube that surrounds the entire Police, Fire, Hospital, City Hall and residential homes and businesses creating a protection flood barrier.

It made no sense for the Obama Administration, Trump Administration and now Biden Administration to continue to ignore and refuse to invest in Allen Hydro Energy Corporation (AHEC) Climate Change Mitigation Proposals, then spend Billions of Dollars on Hurricane Recovery, after the loss of lives and destructions of property, because of American Political Racist Leaders that refuse to fund AHEC’s innovative technology proposals offered by a Black African American Entrepreneur named Charles E. Campbell, Founder & CEO Allen Hydro Energy Corporation (AHEC), Jackson State University (JSU 90) & Ohio State University (OSU 92) Grad & YE 89 Que 1-614-668-0327 –

Ignorance is not a valid excuse!