Man Power(mP)

Man Power(mP) are four (4) Portable Power Generators (Micro, Mini, Medium and Max) that allow humans  to Wind-up a Handle to store energy into several Spiral Metal Springs with a set of gears through which the Main Spring’s energy is stored into Secondary Spring and released through a Third Spring that spins a Graphene Coil positioned between two Magnets with North and South Polar Opposites to generate an Alternating Current (AC), capable of charging, recharging or power consumer electronics, residential appliances, lights, entire homes, small businesses, schools and micro-manufacturing facilities without a chemical battery for storage. Includes a user digital display for output information and an alert when Human Power is required and transformers to regulate the power to outlets.

(Michael Faraday Law Ε = ΔΦ / ΔΤ) Larger mP Devices use a Solar Panel to power a motor that winds-up the handle.

As Climate Change causes more power outages due to heat, hurrincane, cold and wildfires, Man Power(mP) Devices will offer a global solution.

Micro Man Power Device (mP)