Rain Maker Wildfire Solution

2020 New Strategies: Rain Maker is seeking seed investors or Private Citizens to investor or donate to fund Rain Maker to fund two new business strategies.

  1. Private Wildfire Property Protection Services to Residential, Business Owners and Power Companies for a monthly fee.
  2. Farm Crop Irrigation Services to farmers facing losses due to prolonged droughts based on a per acre fee.

Funds will be used to manufacture 10 Rain Makers Quadcopter Drones. Private Citizens can donate thru our Cash App $WaigMe

Rain Maker is a proposal for using 6- 10 Vehicle Sized Quadcopter Drones to transport a container of Water and Cornstarch over wildfires and control release the solution using a series of Pressure Sprinkler Nozzles to create the effect of a targeted Rain Storm to extinguish wildfires, and save lives and property.

The estimated cost is $10 Million Dollars for 6 to 10 Rain Maker Drones. Last year California spent $9 Billion Dollars and cost over 100 lives. When politicians become interested in solutions to a problems, the race of solutions creators should not matter in the 21st Century. Governor Jerry Brown and Current Governor Gavin Newsom continue to ignore and reject the Rain Maker Wildfire Proposal. Why?

Several months ago, I submitted Rain Maker Proposal to Australian Prime Ministers in response to their Bush Fire Crisis. It is being ignored, and recently this year, over 25 Australian Citizens were killed and property was destroyed needlessly due to massive Bush Fires.

In response to Gavin Newsom, California’s New Governor call for innovative ideas to solve California’s Wildfire Problem, Rain Maker was resubmitted to CalFire and officially rejected. California continues to spend billions of dollars due to wildfires. Those funds could have been used to address California Homelessness Crisis. Good Leadership is a Matter of Life or Death.

2022 New Strategy: Due to the failure of Governments to protect life and property from Wildfires and Bush Fires, Rain Maker is turning to the Private Market for seed capital with the Wildfire Caddy. The Wildfire Caddy is a machine which will allow individual homeowners and business owners to protect their property from burning down during a Wildfire Event that spread to the towns of Louisville and Superior, Boulder County, Colorado on December 30, 2021.

All interested investors or Private Citizens at risk of loss of property, should contact AHEC (Rain Maker and Wildfire Caddy). You can donate seed funds to my Cash App: $WaigMe